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, gave birth to a baby boy named Dillon on July 18, a source confirms to Us Weekly. PHOTOS: Celebrity pregnancies The happy news comes just two months after some not-so-happy news from the reality star.The insider tells Us that baby Dillon was born at a.m., weighed 8 lbs. Anderson and her husband, fellow alum Sam Poueu, announced in May that they had separated and were in the process of filing for divorce just one year after their April 2012 wedding.Not only did we enjoy watching them motivate each other through weight loss, but seeing Suzy cheer Matt on from the sidelines of his triathlon in the "Where Are They Now? "The Bachelorette" may be one of the most popular dating reality TV shows out there, but it seems the show -- which aims to bring real-life romance straight to your television screen -- has yet to deliver. "The Biggest Loser," which challenges contestants to lose weight for a cash prize, is just as much about self-transformation and learning to love your body (in a healthy way) as it is about shedding pounds. "The Biggest Loser," which closed its 13th season on Tuesday night, has proven to be more successful at linking up couples in the love department than both "The Bachelorette" and "The Bachelor" combined, which, collectively, have been on air for 23 seasons and only produced one successful relationship (two if you count Ryan Mesnick, who married Molly, the runner-up on his season of "The Bachelor").And sharing common interests -- such as healthy eating and regular exercise -- is often a key factor in finding lasting love.

A narcissist is arrogant and expects special treatment — whether or not he or she does things to warrant it.

While they entered the ranch overweight, Antoine impressively lost more than 50 percent of his original body weight.

(He's pretty jacked now.) And Alexandra managed to take off 70 pounds, too.

Wouldn’t it be great to work on that goal together as a couple? and we’re giving you all of the tools to make it easy and fun! Kick off your Couples Weight Loss Challenge with an awesome date night!

Amanda at A-manda Creation did such a cute job on these printables for us! Do this as a couple or invite friends and family to join the challenge. When I’m setting goals with a group, I’m more likely to be successful because I’m accountable to more than just myself.

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Set goals as a couple and challenge other friends and family to join the competition!

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