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People who have not been abused by an intimate partner often say that if their partner ever abused them they certainly would leave. Domestic violence victims/survivors are not always passive – they are employing survival techniques every day to protect themselves & their children – everything short of leaving.

Staying in or returning to an abusive relationship is a complex decision that may be a very rational survival mechanism.

As a result of his crimes against me, I am now a battered woman.

My behavior is simply reacting to what he did to me. I fell in love with a man who charmed and impressed and romanced me.

They tell us that they don't know what happened, they lost control, they were drunk, we made them do it.

We want to believe anything other than that they meant to do this terrible thing to us.

I loved him more than any man I had ever dated, and I married him. Batterers know that if they present their true selves no one would ever talk to them, so they don't.

They act, they con, they deceive - we fall in love.

Believes the Myths about Domestic Violence Victims/survivors of domestic violence may assume that violence in an unavoidable part of their life. Since victims/survivors have often built their lives around the relationship, they hope for change.

Therefore, it is incredibly important that victims/survivors contact us so that they can learn about the other economic supports, job training and employment opportunities that exist to help them. Most victims/survivors of domestic violence leave and return several times before permanently separating from the abuser.

The first time a victim/survivor leaves may be a test to see whether the abuser will obtain help or stop his/her abuse.

Below are some of the reasons why victims/survivors may choose to stay or return to an abusive relationship. Don't Overlook This: The abuser is the person the victim/survivor .

This makes leaving the abuser especially difficult where violent episodes are followed by periods of affection and positive attention.

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