Dating a triathlete

Let’s also assume that your partner is not a professional triathlete so add on a 40-plus-hour workweek. Of course, you can make yourself and your partner miserable by resenting them, the sport and everything and everyone to do with it, but that doesn’t make much sense, does it?Bob droned endlessly about his last date as we jogged along our normal route.In the same way, if he’s sticking to a Paleo diet of all unrefined carbs, be supportive with a dinner of chicken, sweet potatoes and veggies.

I feel like anyone who has deserves a medal or trophy—we are a strong group of independent people.

I'll finish that great quote that you attached to your mail: Nobody's gonna change my world thats something too unreal Nobody will change, the way that I feel (enter frenzied Tony Iommi guitar licks)...

Welcome to the Dating Survival Guide, the Rosetta Stone for dating men who, instead of just being from Mars, appear to be from an entirely different solar system.

"It just doesn't make sense," he continued, "tell me what I'm doing wrong." Being the helpful friend I am I agreed to help troubleshoot his dates.

Later that afternoon we were sitting on my boat and discussing his problem.

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Nutrition: Plenty of triathletes burn so many calories they could eat most anything, but be sensitive to his specific dietary plan.

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