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A large, multi-lab replication study has found no evidence to validate one of psychology’s textbook findings: the idea that people find cartoons funnier if they are surreptitiously induced to smile.But an author of the original report—published nearly three decades ago—says that the new analysis has shortcomings, and may not represent a direct replication of his work.Last year, hundreds of psychologists reported attempts to replicate the findings of 98 papers, and said that they could validate fewer than half of them.Like some other replication efforts, Wagenmakers’ project had its protocol vetted—and published details of that protocol—before the independent validation studies began.

Psychologists who do not intend to work with patients may not need to become certified.

And 16 of the experiments tested enough people for there to be statistical confidence that even if the studies had been repeated many more times, the researchers would have found the same null result, says Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam who led the analysis. Unlike in the 1988 study, the experimenters used a video camera to record the participants in order to exclude those not holding the pen correctly, which could have made them self-conscious and suppressed their emotional responses.

And Strack says that cartoons may have been dated or inappropriate for the participants, who were university students in multiple countries.

Working as a teacher allows many social psychologists to continue to pursue productive research in superior facilities while still earning a living.

Beyond the potential for research, many professional psychologists enjoy the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with up-and-coming colleagues.

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In addition to an undergraduate degree, many psychologists possess both a master's degree in psychology, as well as a doctorate.

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