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They would often say that the black skin is cursed, and it was as if picking a or a white wife would afford them a chance at some sort of self cleansing, and in this way also ensure that their offspring would not suffer the fate of the “black curse”-or being born a black person.

There were times when beauty was measured in similar ways in my own community in South Africa, but a lot was done during the struggle against apartheid to reiterate to black that “Black is Beautiful”, and speak against “Whiteness” as a measure of beauty.

This is a rather strange phenomenon, because often the man sees himself as a progressive black man, and yet the same man would oppress the black woman when married to one, and justify it by asserting himself as a “true” African man, in keeping with the ways of his African culture.

Don’t get this wrong, there is nothing wrong with a man being progressive; in fact black women yearn for this species in romantic partnerships, but I’m really baffled by just how backward this same man can be when married to a woman of his own skin colour.

RECENTLY, I watched an episode of “Don’t tell the bride”, the BBC reality TV series where a couple get money to spend on their wedding, with the groom responsible for organising every detail, and surprising the bride while at it.

In this particular show, the groom, a black man of Ghanaian heritage, was marrying a white woman of Irish descent. During the ceremony the groom and his groomsmen performed a surprise routine for the bride: they danced the Irish stepdance to symbolise that the groom was heartily embracing his new wife and her culture. Then the following question came to mind: Why is that when a black man marries a woman of a different race, he accepts her for who she is as a person, and even goes as far as adopting aspects of her culture as a part of his newly formed identity, but when he marries a black woman he expects her to become a totally different person from the woman he courted at the beginning of the relationship, so much so that he would even subjugate her and break her spirit, in the name of making her a “traditional and a good African wife”?

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Does the level of self-hate permeate into our African cultural practices, causing him to want to free himself from the pressures of being a black man in a black society?

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