Dating 3 guys same time

They will be left wondering who you are with and what you are doing.This also gives them more time to look forward to the meeting and increases your attractiveness. It further piques their interest because they figure that there has got to be something special about you (after all, all these guys are clamoring for your attention!I always require a 48 hour notice before a date can even make it on my calendar and a pre-date phone call just to flesh out details.Back burner guys tend to have a longer wait period.For some reason, guys love competition and they will try harder to be the one to win your affection.However, do not tell them how many guys that you are juggling (it’s none of their business) and research hasn’t proven what number is acceptable to tell them anyway.Scheduling: For guys on the front burner, they have garnered your interest and you do want to see them as soon as possible.

New guys get put on the back burner as well, until they work their way up to the front burner.That means that if he calls you on Wednesday for a Thursday date it’s not going to happen no matter how cute he is.When declining be sure to say, “I would have liked to go with you but I made plans already.” Do not change your plans under any circumstances even if they happen to be an evening at home by yourself chilling in your boudoir knickers, another date, or a girls night out.Let the guys know that they are not the only one you are talking to or seeing.I know that you might be scared to do this, thinking that it will scare them off, however, it has been my experience that you being upfront about it only increases your attractiveness.

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