Cystic fibrosis dating someone with cystic fibrosis introvert vs extrovert dating

Eventually, I became more outspoken about my treatments, researched other hospitals, and made my own appointments.One thing that I have learned from my CF is to be outspoken, knowledgeable, and involved in my own treatments.I always have to be completely open with those friends and family with whom I am traveling about my medications and other treatment and exercise routines. What may seem unmanageable for one person is the routine of another. They taught me to be compliant with my treatments and medications – to make them a habit instead of a chore – and encouraged me to be physically active.

Several years later, I discovered yoga as a way to improve my tennis game and to manage anxiety.

I am so fortunate to have parents and family who support and encourage me to live my life as normally as possible.

Because of this support, I played basketball, volleyball, track, softball, and badminton, and was more often than not captain of my team.

As therapies increase, striking a balance between treatments and work is important so they can enjoy life!

Family life and their children’s education are important, as is maintaining their health through compliance and exercise.

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