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Whether it's holding a gaze ten seconds too long, a drunken night with a stripper, feeling "in love" again, getting revenge, finding an understanding ear, fulfilling a kinky fantasy or having hundreds of hook-ups it comes down to the same key ingredient: giving oneself permission. Supply (Availability) If there is no opportunity to meet willing partners, straying can't happen.

Celebrities, gorgeous people and folks with power and status have greater access to willing partners.

A poorly developed set of brakes and pent up demand combine to open the floodgates.

We Can Still Be Monogamous Just because we are predisposed to non-monogamy doesn't mean we can't uphold it! You can find resources and counseling for relationships and infidelity at

So do people who come into close physical or emotional contact with others for work or play.

If availability suddenly rises, people who are used to having fewer choices may be ill-equipped to resist attractive others.

Sometimes availability suddenly increases because an individual becomes more attractive (loses a lot of weight, becomes wealthy or famous...think Jon & Kate).

Seventy year-olds don't usually feel as horny as twenty year-olds. • Neurotransmitters like dopamine contribute to thrill seeking and risk-taking.

It is probably not a coincidence that Utah has the highest number of Internet searches of any state for the term "hot girls".

• Committed adult relationships that have lost their luster or become barnacled with resentments also create a breeding ground for feelings of deprivation. An affair does not happen if the person considering it has not given himself or herself permission - and when entitlement is operating, getting caught is the furthest thing from the cheater's mind.

Rachel Uchitel has denied any affair with him but reality TV contestant Jaimee Grubbs claims proof. Most of us probably know that we are not an inherently monogamous species.

But that fact is so disconcerting that we downplay or deny the chasm that lies between endorsing a value of monogamy (over 90% of us do) and upholding it (somewhere between 25% and 60% of us don't according to various studies). Yearning (Desire) Nature, nurture and the cheating partner's past and present relationships all contribute to yearning.

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