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History The first community college in the San Luis Obispo area was founded in 1916 as a division of San Luis Obispo High School, it lasted until 1919 with the United States involved in World War I.

Cal Poly had a junior college division from 1927 to 1932.

I have baby sat many kids and most of them have came out with me and experienced the horse world.

I rodeo and ride horses for a living and I have had parents that have wanted their kids watched and le...

Out of every class I have taken at Cuesta, this was THE most time consuming. He is a very hard grader, and not very kind or helpful. You need to complete ALL assignments to even receive a B, that includes attending 3 concerts (2 of which must be classical). I had no knowledge of jazz when entering the course, but I really enjoyed the class.

Mostly what bothered me was the lack of clarity about expectations and assignments and the total arrogance and lack of concern of the professor. If you think you can take this for an easy "A" to fulfill humanity credit to transfer, THINK AGAIN. Maybe I just had a hard time with this course because I took it online, but it frustrated me the whole way through. It is mandatory that you participate in discussion board multiple times a week.

I did learn a lot from the book and the listening examples, but this is where the good ends. Don't take this class it will bring down your GPA. I'm a straight A student & had a D in his class.

I was able to work full time while I attend classes that were scheduled online, and evenings.

This class was more difficult than other online classes I've taken, but it was not so difficult that you couldn't pass if you did the work.

Don't take this class unless you are a music major.

The only downfall is you cant sell back the textbook...

You must post on the discussion board daily M-F to receive credit. Quizzes and tests are hard because they are based on recognizing very short clips of songs. The materials are helpful, and the assignments/tests are fair. If you do all of the work and keep up with due dates you can get an A.

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