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I am looking for somebody with whom I can share my traveling experience while drinking a beer or sipping a coffee.I will totally look for someone with whom I can talk for hours and never get bored.I am talking about someone with whom you can definitely establish some sort of bond.I wouldn't mind at all telling my granddaughters someday that I met their grandfather on the road thanks to an amazing app like Couchsurfing.For women especially, the wisdom of Couchsurfing has often been called into question.

No, it is not a contradiction to what I said earlier. When I use Couchsurfing, I am definitely not looking forward to date someone.I use it to find somebody that can make that certain place I am visiting even more amazing.I look for someone I can get along with, someone funny and who is definitely willing to show the best of that certain city.Wouldn't make sense that getting too close with someone might result into developing deeper feelings?I have experienced Couchsurfing as a host, as a surfer and also as an useful tool to meet locals or visitors.

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Neither I am saying that girls should tolerate harassment or situations that we definitely do not feel comfortable with. Is about finding someone who shares your craziness and adventure spirit.

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