Core data error validating url store

Setting the Item Type property causes two new typed variables to be generated in the scope of the data-binding expressions: Item and Bind Item.

Instead of having a validation control on each input, you can now define constraints in your model classes and use them across all your web application.

The ": " used in the expression will automatically HTML-encode the output to avoid security issues (for example, cross-site scripting attacks). NET 4 for response writing, but now is also available in data-binding expressions. NET Web Forms, when you wanted to perform two-way data-binding, both retrieving and updating data, you needed to use a Data Source object.

This could be an Object Data Source, a SQL Data Source, a LINQ Data Source and so on.

This means that you can specify select, update, insert and delete methods directly in the data-bound control to call logic from your code-behind file or from another class.

To learn about this, you will use a Grid View to list the product categories using the new Select Method attribute.

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