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Similar terms which imply the same meaning are Linux on z Enterprise, Linux on z Series, Linux/390, Linux/390x, etc.

The terms z Linux or z/Linux are also sometimes used, but these terms are discouraged by IBM as they create the implication of an IBM-offered or IBM-distributed version of Linux, which is incorrect.

Previously Linux on z was also available as a 31-bit operating system compatible with older model mainframes introduced prior to 2000's z900 model.

However, the newer 64-bit Linux kernel and 64-bit Linux on z distributions are still backward compatible with applications compiled for 31-bit Linux on z.

IFLs are typically less expensive to acquire from IBM than CPs.

Using virtualization, numerous smaller servers can be combined onto one mainframe, gaining some benefits of centralization and cost reduction, while still allowing specialized servers.

At the start of IBM's involvement, Linux patches for System z included some object code only (OCO) modules, without source code.

Industries continue to rely on mainframes because they are genuinely the best option, in terms of reliability, security, and often cost.IFLs are mainframe processors dedicated to running Linux, either natively or under a hypervisor (z/VM or KVM on z).Microcode restricts IFLs from running "traditional" workloads, such as z/OS, but they are physically identical to other z System processors.Historically the Linux kernel architecture designations were "s390" and "s390x" to distinguish between the 31-bit and 64-bit Linux on z kernels respectively, but "s390" now also refers generally to the one Linux on z kernel architecture.Linux runs on standard, general purpose mainframe CPs (Central Processors) as well as IFLs (Integrated Facility for Linux).

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