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First of all, find information about Colombia and it’s culture. Colombian Spanish has its peculiarities than usual, but some knowledge of this language is important.Even with the help of vocabulary, maybe you’ll have to visit Spanish language courses, but it is better to have poor level of Spanish than complete absence of it at all.This communication is not sincere, because women you are dating with is just working. There are many online scammers whose aim is your money.She is not in love with you; it is her work chatting with you and spend time with you. There are also many sex tourists who visit Colombia, find easy girls and have rest, but that fact could not be used to generalize all the country and Colombian women in general.Talk to some Colombians who are from American Diaspora.Register at Colombian social networks and communicate to Colombian girls online.If you are such shy quiet and unconfident guy, the thing that might happen to you is chatting online some fake-girl, usually professional Colombia translator, who gets paid for such chats from the dating agency.Then you surely visit Colombia big city like La Pas or, more likely, Bogota, and there you are going to spend great sum of money like 2 thousand dollars a week. – For communication with pretty Colombian woman via translator or sometimes without.

When you already have some level of Spanish language, try to visit places where Colombian people hang out.Marriage is serious step for man and woman and none of the guys or girls is getting married or creates family to have fun.If it is going about easy girls, it’s not a problem to find lots of them in the whole world, but wife from abroad is something serious.And that’s one of the most important reason why colombian single women are looking for Western men for marriage.Colombian women have their special perspective about matrimony.

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But do not let illusions rule over good sense, maybe after visit to Colombia you will come back home disappointed or just with understanding she is not the one. If you won’t find wife in Colombia fast, it is good. Think carefully, when you are dating to the girl in your country, how quick she’d become your wife?

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