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The unhealthy relationship between colleges and comedy is the subject of long piece at by Caitlin Flanagan, “That’s not funny” (subtitle: “Today’s college students can’t seem to take a joke”).It’s a wee bit ambivalent, for it recognizes, as I noted above, that free speech can truly be offensive, without redeeming qualities.

That’s why both Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock announced that they will no longer perform on campuses: the humor they’d like to purvey simply isn’t welcome there.

“, can prompt not only laughs, but discussion and even enlightenment.

Even Sarah Silverman’s song in the nursing home, telling old people that they’re going to die soon, has a point, reminding us of our mortality and the possiblity that many of us may in fact wind up in such homes.

A screen shot from the trailer for 1932's Murders in the Rue Morgue.

The ape Erik enters Camille's room, with the shadow of his hand appearing over her head.

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