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Thus, the Bible’s perspective on sexual purity within the neighbor relationship can be detailed as follows: sexual relations are prohibited.” At this point I think most of us will agree.The Bible teaches there must be sexual relations between a husband and wife and there must be sexual relations between anyone except a husband and wife.Thus passionate kissing, the kind clearly inappropriate between a brother and sister should be resolved for marriage.1 Timothy 5:2 appears to back up the authors’ point by explicitly tying together “the familial treatment of the opposite sex with absolute purity,” instructing Timothy to treat “older women as mothers, younger women as sisters, in all purity.” Would you kiss your sister on the cheek when you say goodbye?And the reason we do so is precisely that those forms of kissing are sexual.” Considering an activity against the backdrop of the family relationship is immeasurably helpful in clearing up nearly all of the confusion surrounding the question, “How far is too far?” If a man would not feel comfortable engaging in a particular action with his sister because doing so would be sexually inappropriate, then that action is of a sexual nature and is to be reserved for the marriage relationship.The authors say, “ But is such a narrow understanding of sexual relations legitimate?” There is little doubt that some activities constitute sexual activity.

In short: As I considered the authors’ perspective I noted my changing perspective on this issue.Now that I am a little bit older and have children who are marching toward the age where they will begin to form relationships, I am very eager to adopt a position like this one (and, more urgently, to have my children adopt it! I continue to ponder it, but have initially found it consistent with biblical principles and appreciate that it brings objective biblical truth to bear instead of relying on cultural norms or personal preferences.What do you think of the authors’ take on the question?While the reasons for God’s ban are not made clear to us, the command is: “no sexual activity is to occur between blood relatives.” .A second category of male-female relationship is the marriage relationship and here God commands that there must be sexual relations (see 1 Corinthians 7:3-5). This category uses the term “neighbor” as Jesus did, to include all those who are not blood relatives and not a spouse.

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