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When you were both overweight, it may not have been something he worried about.Now that you have lost weight, he is forced to "look at himself in the mirror" and may be feeling self-conscious and lack self-esteem about himself, around you and in your relationship.Part of this could be from the fact that on account of his weight issue he hasn't really showed much interest in pursuing me other than the occasional instant message online and a date here and there.But he doesn't seem overly excited about me in general.In every situation, we have an opportunity to feed into a person's life positively or negatively and we can leave the situation better than when we arrived or worse.I can't tell you how to proceed with your relationship, but I can encourage you to take a moment to envision what he may be going through and to remember one of the reasons why you were attracted to him—his godly character.That could possibly mean that his self-confidence is not on par with yours right now which could potentially speak to his actions (or lack thereof).

To do this we have to have a strong foundation of faith in Christ and live it out boldly, and one way is by pursuing a woman in a godly fashion. I suspect there may be a number of factors other than just a lack of desire or interest on his part.Or he could just not be ready for the commitment required in a serious dating relationship or for marriage (even though you've said that you are). "how to move forward." If your heart is not engaged beyond friendship, then you should be able to remain friends and not expect him to pursue you for more than that. There certainly seems to be some conflict going on here in regards to how you see him (or want to see him).Regardless of what he is thinking/feeling, it sounds as if you two have established a solid friendship. Many marriages are birthed from friendships that at some point take a romantic turn. The fly in the ointment appears to be possible for outward attraction to grow. If I were in this situation, I would so that you can clear your head and determine how you really feel about your friend.Your friend may have become this way about his weight.Your resolve to change your life has possibly shown the light on his overweight issue.

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As you have indicated, neither you nor your friend are at your ideal weights.

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