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That sense of novelty pervaded the responses to Charles Savidge’s bureau as well, but there are key differences between the two.Savidge’s enterprise, existing at a time of white, Protestant hegemony, was an interesting historical footnote without much of a lasting impact.In the following decades Americans increasingly viewed marriage primarily as an expression of romantic love between two individuals, love that could cross boundaries of religion, race, and sex.

One need only browse through the site’s endorsement section to see its audience: its proponents include Southern Baptist pastors, Concerned Women for America, and individuals connected to the evangelical mega-churches Willow Creek and Saddleback Church.

“It’s a great site to find other singles who like long walks on the beach … Products catered to the conservative Christian subculture are generally not promoted to a wide mainstream audience, which helps to explain why Colbert’s audience would have been amused by the Christian matchmaking site.

There is also a sense of novelty in going national with a faith-based dating marketing campaign.

Sites for evangelical Protestants offer perhaps the greatest market for growth.

With a large pool of adherents, combined with the common belief that one must not be “unequally yoked,” evangelicals provide a ready-made market for matchmaking entrepreneurs.

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