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On Friday evening, President Trump signed an executive order prohibiting citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, even those who had been given refugee status or legal visas.It was in that atmosphere that the cast and executive producers of “24: Legacy,” Fox’s expansion of the Jack Bauer cinematic universe, descended on New York for their premiere.Not that I don't see the appeal -- Megan is lovely, smart and kind -- but the whole thing was just too painfully obvious.The great shock -- and therefore, the dramatic impact -- of Don's tryst with Allison was how unexpected it was.The “24”-verse and the real world have always been more alike than some viewers may be comfortable with.The series premiere was originally supposed to include a plane exploding — after the Sept.Hofheimer plays Marcus Grimes, Eric’s former comrade-in-arms.“I couldn’t not have something,” Hofheimer said of his gesture of protest against President Trump’s executive order. There are times when saying nothing is still saying something, and to be part of a show that is in that conversation is something I’m proud of.” Anna Diop plays Eric’s wife Nicole; and while it’s tempting to shut out the events of the wider world, she said, “I don’t think it’s a time to rest — I think it’s a time to stand up, to resist, to protest, to band together.

This relationship never was going to work: He didn't treat her with respect until much later, when she lost respect for him."I mean I must be…because you're always right. I really do," Peggy told Stan in the prayer-answering scene where the two confess their feelings for each other in last night's finale.We're on board with this conclusion—and hope this means they're going to share a love-filled life as an advertising team and equal partnership.It's heartening to see Peggy finally embrace Stan and his fringed jackets and bushy beard in the end, mainly because they're longtime allies who understand each other. But that time he was on meth and complimented her butt, it was But before the show decided it was finally time for Peggy to find something real, she had romantic encounters with a very lame assembly of men.This woman was getting her life together career-wise but never failed to attract disappointing men.

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