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Notes and thoughts on Carbon 14 dating by Seu Bobo It occurred to me recently that all radio carbon dating is demonstrably false since the technique involves the measuring of and the accounting for radioactive carbon from nuclear bomb detonations that we now know never happened.this excess radioactive carbon is called the atomic bomb effect. no-ist charlatans that created this part of the big science narrative- in the aptly named "le conte" hall- were already neck-deep in the atomic hustle.I don't know if there's any point in listing them, but some of them are quite important.So the search for natural radioactivity was a good thesis, and it taught me a lot, because I had to purify these things.If they hadn't had it, they wouldn't have found it.But what Sam and I did, which in retrospect was probably stupid, was to assume that the half-life would be three months -so it seems "wild" bill cornered the walled geiger counter market. id=pg0AAAAAMBAJ&pg=PT1&lpg=PT1&dq=screen wall counter&source=bl&ots=IP2nt-_HM-&sig=Hc WIl24Hd PFI4Bu5Pwy JKS9Oc48&hl=en&sa=X&ei=GPz4U4jd AZOXy ASA-IE4&ved=0CE8Q6AEw BA#v=onepage&q=screen wall counter&f=false he convinced the silly son-of-gun to take the technique they had developed to search for the imaginary things called quarks ( "three quarks for muster mark, sure he hasn't got much of a bark, and sure any he has its all beside the mark".

it was called the "alvarez hypothesis" and it had something to do with iridium and shit tons of speculation.To purify the rare earths, is a good month of hard work on the part of a good chemist, I mean an expert so each one of these took a lot of that.Roughly speaking, you throw anything in the Geiger counter and you'll get some count. But what it means remains to be cleared up by two things, the chemical purification, and to measure the characteristics of the radiation. Were you or Ruben using the Geiger counter in your attempts to isolate Carbon 14? The Geiger counter was now being developed world wide. Whenever anybody would publish a change or improvement in the technique, we had it, and usually it was our publication. So we developed a Geiger counter called the screen wall counter."Wild" bill libby is credited with developing the carbon dating scam. The first one in the country was built in that building.wild bill will tell ya' he was good at one thing- making a sensitive geiger counter, the most sensitive in the world. And, of course, following on that was the great Manhattan District. I thought, ''My God, I'm going to have my thesis in 90 days." Well, the next one wasn't so — and so on and so on. I did the Geiger counter in 1930, got my Bachelor's in 1931" ---- lawrence is the atom smasher- he isn't implicated personally in the radiocarbon dating scam, just his mythical machines are.

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