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Now that I’ve finished, dating will take a higher priority.I’m on and The League, the members-only app that I admit is a little pretentious.Women often ask, ' How did you deal when you lost your hair?' But men go deeper: ' How should I talk to my sister who has breast cancer?' or ' When was the last time you were intimate with someone, and what was that like?

I’m happy with my body, and the next guy will like it if you don’t.' That’s really how I feel.""I know digital dating is the new normal.

It was the new me, the survivor, who created a profile on Coffee Meets Bagel last spring. I didn’t talk about cancer in my profile, but I posted a picture of myself with a mohawk, taken at the head-shaving party I threw before chemo.

It’s my way of saying, ' If you don’t want to know, you’re probably not my match.' That picture has encouraged beautiful first-date conversations about how life doesn’t go the way we want but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. I’ve started to gravitate to people who haven’t had such easy roads.

' Having that conversation makes the next steps better. Today I’m all about hope.""Breast cancer runs in my family: I just assumed that I would get diagnosed.

I admit there was a time, after I learned my cancer was gone, when I actually wished it would come back. And the day I did, at 27, I vowed, This is going to be a positive in my life.

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