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⇧ ♦ INTJ’s Decision-Making Style INTJs are highly self-confident and take decisions quickly and easily.

In fact, they are unable to relax and rest until they take a definite decision regarding whatever they have in mind at the moment.

However their single-mindedness and competitive drive may earn them more enemies than friends.

The only difference between these two personality types is their introversion / extroversion preference (also spelled as “extraversion”).If you want to strike up a conversation with an INTJ, avoid small talk as they find it silly and annoying.Instead, find a way to engage them on a deeper intellectual level.INTJs enjoy intellectual games such as puzzles, word games, Sudoku, etc.⇧ ♦ How to Get an INTJ to Like You Clever and sophisticated, INTJs have little tolerance for stupidity and incompetence.

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Thinking function in terms of 16 personality types means that a person with an INTJ personality values logic and reason and tends to make decisions based on facts rather than emotions.

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