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Being a child, she and her family moved to South Carolina, where Brittany grew up.

She didn’t attend school and got full education at home, as Brittany’s mother was her teacher.

Film’s story tells about young couple, Luke and Sophia.

Luke is a bull rider, who temporary quits this job after a serious injury.

They met each other during the set of movie Avalon High.

In 2011 she dated with actor Logan Henderson, but it was only for a couple months.

Robertson played a role of Becky, young runaway girl.

She was born on 18 April 1990 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Подтверждением этому уже стали призы за лучшую женскую роль, которые ей вручили на фестивалях в Бостоне (Boston Film Festival Award 2013) и Нашвилле (Nashville Film Festival Award 2014), а также победа в категории «Звезда завтрашнего дня» в на кинофестивале в Лас-Вегасе (Cinema Con Big Screen Awards 2015).

Актриса прекрасно справилась с главными ролями в драме «Белый кролик», «Проси меня о чем угодно» (получив награды на кинофестивалях).

She treats him exactly like she treats me, like an older brother.

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Critics already told that this role is one of Robertson’s best.

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