Bria myles dating white man

That being said, here in 2012, there are a lot of black women who still throw a fit when they see an attractive black man with a white woman. But these white women we're talking about--they are not alone in their feelings. This is an issue that our world still has with interracial dating at all.

And as a disclaimer: No, I'm not saying that you guys were saying it is a whites-versus-blacks issue.

Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form" Deva wrote: "Theyre never racist are they?

*rolls eyes* And you know they are when they say that ANYWHERE in a statement made.

Just when you think people are getting past the silly prejudices, then stuff like this pops up.

Did anyone on the board have a response for that girl (and others of that opinion), Jheanelle? - I'll bet Fassbender and Beharie would make some absolutely gorgeous children. ^_^ Alisha wrote: "Jheanelle wrote: \"One girl went as far as to say that it would be a such waste of his sperm and \"beautiful genetics\" if he and Nicole had a child.\"\n\n Wow.

It's one thing to be a fan and a totally different thing to be some obsessive weirdo. Jhenn wrote: "@Deva: I heard about Michael Fassbender and Nicole Beharie on Tumblr the day after the picture you posted was released online.

I would have taken it in jest if they were upset that he was dating. I saw the picture and checked his tag to see if there were any other p..."\n\n' $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect.

I just can't understand why these women would waste energy hating a woman they don't know because a man who has no real tie to them is dating her. It was because Nicole is Black, but they're not racist (their words, not mine).

Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form" Deva wrote: "And OH I love me some Paula and Robin together.

I\'m still not convinced of this whole Ryan and Eva thing.

She\'s very quick witted and kept up with him.\n\n"\n\n' $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect.

Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form" Makefetch wrote: "I didn\'t know Audra and her first husband were divorced."\n\n' $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect.

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