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For example, At first blush we thought it was an elegant restaurant, but it soon became obvious that it was hardly the place for a special dinner , or At first glance the contract looked just fine. The noun blush is used with the obsolete meaning "glimpse" or "momentary view" and in this idiom has nothing to do with showing embarrassment. , Night Train appears a sort of inviting crossbreed, joining the traditional procedural novel with characters and dark moods readers might more readily associate with noir fiction or a contemporary genre like the prime-time cop show (Gleick).

The first thing to understand is that blushing is a perfectly natural thing.

Your Standards Remember, if you were perfect, you would be God!

;-) Click here to get a range of tips, tricks and techniques for overcoming social anxiety in your email, created by Mark Tyrrell our co-founder. I still have to continue to improve but now I'm on the right track." "Now I believe that I can do it and that I can improve myself.

This takes a bit of doing at first, so you might want to practice.

Announce It, Don't Hide It One thing that allows the circle to continue is the 'hiding' of it by the blusher.

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