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It’s almost 250 pages of normal-sized (small) font, filled with the most current, field tested online dating techniques that have worked for me and thousands of other men all over the world, completely updated for 2016. This is probably the last book on online dating I will ever write, so I wanted it to be worthy of something that will last a very long time.

It’s been professionally typeset and has been reviewed by several professional editors and proofreaders. It covers every damn topic regarding online dating you can think of.

So far this has only been available to my membership program, and it’s yours FREE. You can pick your favorite ones, emulate them, and/or give them to your photographer to copy. A PDF document on the best online dating photo techniques, written by a female photographer, above and beyond the photo techniques I talk about in the book.

Today I’m going to give you a quick list of dating techniques that DON’T work. More importantly, I would make a notation to never waste my time by trying it again.

It’s the sequel to the free podcast I have on what to do during first dates.

It’s entertaining and information-packed, just like all my other podcasts. This is a zip file full of either photos or line drawings that demonstrate the best poses for online dating profile photos.

(For the love of god, send me an email saying something like, “I can’t find the receipt but I ordered the ebook around March, can you look it up for me? I sell thousands of ebooks and I can’t spend my days looking up everyone’s receipts.

If you want your discount you need to be a little organized.) I can offer you this discount on the ebook version of The Ultimate Online Dating Manual only, not the Amazon softcover (sorry).

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