Black panthers intimidating voters 2016

Though not part of the event, local attorney Michael Coard focused on the underpinnings of Trump's accusations of "widespread voter fraud" impacting the results."F--- Donald 'Make America Grope Again' Trump and his dog-whistle demagoguery to racist thugs regarding totally irresponsible and completely false accusations about Blacks purportedly engaging in widespread voter fraud in Philly," he said.

"Even [Schmidt] said, 'The real threat to the integrity of elections in Philadelphia isn't voter fraud. The real threat is irresponsible accusations.' Like I said, f--- Trump."With an “if you see something, say something” mantra about Election Day shenanigans, and an (866) OUR-VOTE helpline for day-of issues, speakers at the nonpartisan event expressed concerns about Trump’s implications.

Those numbers, combined with the adage about past practice predicting future performance, is likely why Democratic ward leader Arthur Green and Republican poll inspector Alvesta C.I hear these horror shows and we have to make sure that this election is not stolen from us and is not taken away from us.And everybody knows what I'm talking about.”Schmidt noted that he doesn't think there's "any added amount of integrity to the process that can be brought by some knucklehead from Altoona coming to Philadelphia on Election Day." Hughes then recalled the 2003 mayoral election when observers "wearing little blue buttons" disrupted the process by trying to enter polling places and trying to interview voters.As fellow residents ate their lunches, he pointed out where the voting machines go, and how he sets the room up in a fashion that only voters are allowed into the polling area. By watching polls on Election Day, that’s my way of breaking it up. People in this building will vote for who they want to vote for, and if they don’t want to vote for anybody, they don’t have to.” For his part, Green saw the rigged-election chatter as mounting desperation as Trump faces the specter of being defeated on the national stage. If anybody’s engaged in voter intimidation, the 68-year-old hasn’t seen it over the course of the past 40 years of election-day involvement. “Anybody with any wisdom can see that he’s losing so he’ll say anything or do anything to not let that happen because of his pride,” said Green, noting of the 2008 incident that, “Republicans whipped it up so it would become a black/white thing.

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Now there are fears violent clashes between armed members from white and black vigilante groups could kick off a bloody race war.

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