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Bed-Time Snoring This behavior as noticed in most people who are fat could be a huge turn off for guys.Fat women like normal fat people have every tendency to get tired and exhausted over little things.This is something that alarms the men; they don’t want girls who would make them feel lesser than the men they are or girls who people could tag their mothers or aunts in public.

Most men snore too; imagine having two people who snore in the same room. Weight Gain After Child-Birth Most women tend to gain weight after marriage.Maybe that is not the kind of girl that you imagine hanging out with, but hey, to each his own.My Girl Can Cook So maybe this goes without saying, I don’t know, but I am going to say it anyway.They fear that the women may slump on them or give them reasons to visit the hospitals every time.They also know that this weight tells on them overtime especially with movement of their legs.

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On the one hand you might feel a little bad for the guy, but on the other hand you might think that he was really in love, or at least was with someone he really liked.

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