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Perhaps I don¨t know how to smoke it or smoke it in a bad pipe or something of that nature but it just isn't there.I have once convinced myself that I can taste the mango but I really don't know if this is true or my imagination. The only Guilty Pleasure I derived was that I didn't pay any thing for it,what a comforting pleasure. I think that my sample was too dry,because this is the driest aromatic I have ever touched.Snork taste (the taste when you roll the smoke around in your mouth and out of your nostrils): mild, slightly sugary, almost like honey on toast.

Getting Guilty Pleasure ignited is a total breeze , a quick touch of the flame is plenty to give a great consistent burn which is brilliant in its evenness , giving off a mid temperature smoke at a medium speed .This has a mango vanilla taste but is more like a very sweet artificial candy. I was told by a fellow at my local tobacco shop that this was comparable to W. Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars Ashton Guilty Pleasure .The blend itself seems to include an extremely fair quantity of each of the different tobaccos .It feels like I have some kind of oil in my mount after I have smoked this and I really don't want that. If this was half price it would be a decent one but I do expect more from something in this price range. NOTE: where I live you get a tin of Petersons Irish Flake for less then a can of Guilty Pleasure. I could taste the natural va flavor along with a sweet fruitiness that I really enjoyed. I am on my second consecutive bowl in a pipe that has not hosted an aromatic tobacco in forty years. Yes, the sweetness is borderline overpowering but admirably holds back so that the whole blend dominates.The scent it is given of when smoking is like that of cheap candy you find in the stores. Prices may wary where you live but I really can't see this beating any brand in the same price range. The only reason I cant give 4 stars is beceuse less then halfway through the bowl,the tobacco lost all flavor. This tobacco could make my top5 if it would keep its flavor for more than a few puffs. European aromatics need to approached with caution. I am a fairly new pipe smoker and would recommend this blend to anyone looking to get involved in pipe smoking. Mango and citrus are not things I find should be in tobacco. It is one of the few smokes I've had that matches in enticement the aroma of the tobacco when the lid first comes off.

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