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Artifacts are special items with unique names that can be obtained by various means: using the Stealing skill to pilfer them from disparate locales, through specific monster drop systems, during events associated with game-wide fiction, or by crafting them using rare ingredients.Named items obtained from the old Seer Quests were not considered Artifacts when they were being given to players, largely because the term had not yet been invented.When the edges became dull, the blade would be further "worked" as necessary, to once again create a sharp cutting edge.With this new knowledge, I had a different perspective on other artifacts which I found, and which are pictured below.That is, as items unobtainable to players, that had been used to decorate the environment, but which had been accidentally left unlocked and could be picked up and carried away.

"Why, had the ancient knapper not FINISHED this piece ? the ancient native Amerinds apparently only did what was necessary to accomplish their daily goals... They did no more and no less than what was necessary to accomplish their goal of survival or to accomplish the immediate task at hand.

The first is a butchering blade, the second is a Monterey chert hand-axe. BUT the break was INTENTIONAL as part of the 7th step in the normal manufacturing process, making this a Folsom in one of its many "Pre-form" stages.

This article was summarized from a conversation with Tom Westfall of Colorado, who is a collector of some 40 years, and who is a recognized Folsom "expert", with many publications under his belt. (Tom also mentioned that "Snap-tip" Folsom points are very rare, he had only seen about 10 of these in all of his 40 years of collecting)If you would like more information about the Folsom manufacturing process, please visit the website listed below for some AWESOME photos of all of the stages involved in the manufacturing of Folsom points: Hammer stones vs.

The Westfall Folsom Site in El Paso, Colorado, was named after Tom's son, who first discovered this site. Pecking stones - What are they and what is the difference between the two ?

(Tom's related comments appear below in parenthesis) The answer is "sort of", but not for the reason you would imagine. Both are technically "Hammer stones", simply of a different caliper.

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The term and concept have not been "retro-fitted" to apply to these older items.

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