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Stephanie will be on the judging panel and hosting the Screen It awards again this year, alongside her co-host, Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell.This is an event which she is extremely proud to be involved in.As well as reviews, it often includes Gaming News, a look back at the best and worst in gaming, a moment chosen to be a great moment in gaming and, inversely, finding a horrible game where they ask WTF? After Rei left to study in Europe, her segment was taken over by Jackson "Ajax" Gothe-Snape, and then by Gus "Goose" Ronald.It's basically everything that which is aimed at younger gamers and features more G and PG rated games, while the main show now focuses on more mature titles.GGSP also features a Robot Buddy called DARREN, who was added for the appeal younger audience.

There's also a podcast starring mostly behind the scenes people that can be found here All of the above can be watched for free on You Tube here.

Spawn Point LIVE, our kids show, I think is actually the trickier show of the two, because the kids kind of turn up expecting to see a live version of what they see on TV.

Which actually wouldn’t be that interesting to see live, and logistically wouldn’t work.

She has spoken on a number of panels at various gaming events, discussing everything from opportunities for women in the industry – to the necessity of having strong, compelling female characters in games.

She has also participated in writers’ festivals across the country with video game story writers and developers to discuss the process of building narrative in games.

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Eventually, in late 2009, Junglist left amidst controversy, and his role was filled by new host Stephanie "Hex" Bendixsen.

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