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Pejic – who now wears a necklace bearing the name ‘Andreja’ – has modelled both menswear and womenswear during her career for brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs and DKNY.Rembrandt, who explicitly refers to Andrej as “she” has been in a relationships with Pejic for at least a year.(Her Twitter bio aptly reads, "I have too much imagination to just be one gender.") Now, in Crocker's gender-bending "Whatever" video, she's doing both.At first glance, "Whatever" doesn't come across as anything particularly remarkable.It opens with an emo-looking young man strolling into a photo shoot, where he catches the attention of a pretty woman.

The moment the on-screen transformation begins, however, both "Whatever" and its star become far more compelling than your average fashion ad or model.Then, with the help of a hair-and-makeup team (and some hair extensions), he is transformed into the same woman with whom he previously shared the screen.By now, of course, we've realized that both the "male" and "female" models are one and the same.Recently, I was discussing with a Canadian reporter the current trend in the fashion industry of casting female identified models as *male* models.Of course, OF COURSE we talked about Casey Legler (Ford’s first female male model) and Saskia de Brauw (the female front model for the YSL spring 2013 menswear collection). So, to make up for my neglect, I’m presenting you with some images of Linder to obsess over. ) Fashion and culture blogger featured in Newsweek's Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Curve, Autostraddle, MTV/LOGO's After Ellen, SF Weekly, Globe & Mail, DIVA, GO Mag, Beijing Review, and Bosnia's Manjine. Education/Credentials: University of New Mexico (B. A., magna cum laude); New York University (MPA, top marks); SUNY Downstate Medical Center (BSN, cum laude); NYS RN.

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