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Amy wonders if she has feeling for Oliver too and they almost kiss but when Amy sees Karma performing on stage from one of the security cameras, she leaves.

At first, Amy is happy that Karma is performing her song because she usually is very shy about her music.

Just as she does Shane announces that they are gay and says they will make them Homecoming queens to which she say tells Karma they shouldn't have come.

At the bus stop she says it is stupid that everyone thinks they are Lesbians when she doesn't even like looking at her own vagina.

They discuss the ruse again and she agreees to go along with it once again.

At the homecoming gathering to make it seem that they aren't faking it she grabs Karma and kisses her.

You can see the surprise and joy on Amy’s face; since she knows that coming out for real is a real possibility for her, she’s delighted to hear that her mom is more open-minded than she thought. Raudenfeld tacks a predictable “She’s not my daughter!

” to the end of her approval, Amy’s joy turns to rage, and she takes a deep breath and comes out to her mom on TV leaving her mom shocked.

This excites Farrah and she insists of taking a picture of Amy with her date before the dance.

Later Karma tells Amy that she has been working on a song.

She’s extremely shy about sharing her music and usually only lets Amy hear her songs but this time she still won't share it with anyone.

They both hate protests, they both can’t wait for college and don’t feel like they fit in with kids their own age.

Oliver admits to her that he has a crush on her even though she has a girlfriend.

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