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(The only exception is coverage for short-term stays in a skilled nursing facility, most often for a few days or weeks of continuing care or rehabilitation after being in the hospital, as explained in this previous Q&A.) Medicaid is the nation's medical safety net, providing health care assistance for certain groups of people (including those over age 65) whose incomes and financial resources are very low.Though mainly funded and guided by the federal government, Medicaid is run by the states and eligibility rules vary among them. My 85-year-old father is in a nursing home and his long-term care insurance has nearly run out. Medicare is a federal program that covers a wide range of medical services for people age 65 and older and some younger people with disabilities.I'm told that under the new law he will have to sell all his assets to be eligible for 100 percent Medicare benefits in the nursing facility. Medicare covers these services regardless of whether enrollees live in a nursing home or in the community — for as long as they live — provided that their monthly premiums continue to be paid.Chatham - Pittman, PLLC roots Tallahatchie date back to 1932 when Gerald Weissinger Chatham, the father of Gerald W. The Law Firm has been at the same location since 1952 with several expansions and...

Greeting the sea of navy blue baseball caps and Capri pants, Shalom announces that today's lesson will commence with the "question box" and instructs students to proceed as quietly as possible to the Magic Carpet.Shalom, a 16-year veteran of Ridgewood High School who has been described as someone who rules a class with velvet-gloved discipline, allows the rascals a heartbeat to blow off steam before skillfully channeling their discomfort into a lively debate in response to the next question: "What is the right age to have sex?" Once Shalom takes the floor to address the query, a hush falls over the Magic Carpet. So goes a typical health class at Ridgewood High School in suburban New Jersey.To find SHIP counselors in the state where you or your family member is living in a nursing home (or will soon enter one), go to the SHIP website.SHIP counselors could also put you in contact with an elder law attorney if you need one.

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If they find one that falls outside the rules, your Medicaid coverage for nursing home care would be delayed by a certain length of time, according to a formula that divides the transfer amount by the average monthly cost of nursing home care in your state.

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