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Time Frame for Processing Requests and Providing Reasonable Accommodations (including expedited processing and extenuating circumstances) G. Relation of Procedures to Statutory and Collective Bargaining Claims K.

An individuals receipt or denial of an accommodation does not prevent the individual from making another request at a later time if circumstances change and she believes that an accommodation is needed due to limitations from a disability (, the disability worsens or an employee is assigned new duties that require an additional or different reasonable accommodation).After a request for accommodation has been made, the next step is for the parties to begin the interactive process to determine what, if any, accommodation should be provided.This means that the individual requesting the accommodation and the DPM must communicate with each other about the request, the precise nature of the problem that is generating the request, how a disability is prompting a need for an accommodation, and alternative accommodations that may be effective in meeting an individuals needs.The Director of Human Resources will designate another OHR staff member to act as a back-up for the DPM to process requests when the DPM is unavailable for any length of time (, the DPM is on vacation or out on extended leave).While the DPM has responsibility for processing requests for reasonable accommodation, the DPM may work closely with an employees supervisor or office director in responding to the request, particularly those involving performance of the job.

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