Abusive or intimidating behavior toward employees thedatingu com

Any complaint not called to the attention of the employee may not be used as the basis for any reprimand, discipline or discharge.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations do not specifically cover workplace violence or psychological harassment.

(b) Inappropriate behavior includes chronic and continuous badgering, as well as verbal abuse.

Verbal abuse includes abusive language, screaming, yelling, insults, threats, profanity and upbraiding.

Such persistently malicious attacks on personal or professional performance are typically unpredictable, irrational and often unfair.

The abuse of power or position can cause such chronic stress and anxiety that people gradually lose belief in themselves, suffering physical ill health and mental distress as a result.

According to the NEA’s Office of the General Counsel, there currently are no federal or state statutes that directly address the unique behavior associated with workplace bullying (apart from bullying on the basis of a protected characteristic, which is prohibited under existing civil rights laws).

Strong contract language or workplace policies can provide protections against harassment/bullying of employees.

Most of these provisions are contained in existing NEA affiliate collective bargaining agreements and the appropriate locals are cited. The examples below provide broad protections regarding the right to a respectful workplace environment.5.5 Alteration of Grades Grades given a student by an employee shall be final and not subject to alteration unless fraud, bad faith, incompetency or mistake can be shown on the part of said employee.5.6 Personal Expression No teacher shall be prevented from wearing pins or other identification or symbolism in expression of membership in the association, religious orders, political systems, or sympathy with social causes or traditions.However, in 2002, Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift signed Executive Order No.442, “Establishing a Policy of Zero Tolerance for Workplace Violence,” which applies to all state offices and employees.

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