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Both cues increased desire among research subjects for a cigarette or an e-cigarette.The level and duration of desire to smoke among volunteers was the same whether they observed their “colleague” smoking a cigarette or using a vape pen.Newswise — Although they look less like cigarettes than first-generation e-cigarettes, a new study found that the newer generation e-cigarette vape pens (also known as vaporizers) stimulate the urge to smoke as powerfully as watching someone smoke a “combustible” tobacco cigarette. 12, 2017, in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, found that young adult smokers exposed to the use of traditional cigarettes, first-generation e-cigarettes or second generation vape pens experienced an immediate, significant and lasting increase in the desire to smoke.This extended even to subjects who had never used the newer devices.Vous n'avez aucun droit supplémentaire à payer individuellement pour chaque utilisation.Une fois la licence d'un produit libre de droits obtenue, vous pouvez utiliser ce dernier sur n'importe quel projet, aussi souvent que vous le souhaitez, sans frais supplémentaires.They recruited volunteers though online advertisements for a study they described as “assessing mood response to commons tasks.” They were able to enroll 108 volunteers.

More than 80 percent had used e-cigarettes and almost 30 percent had used one in the past month.

“But we do know that, so far, the use of e-cigarettes has not had a major direct impact on smoking cessation efforts above and beyond public health messages and taxes.

The sight of someone using a vape pen bumps up the urge to smoke, so this may play a role in dual use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes, but future studies are needed.”Strengths of the study included a wide range of smoking levels, a controlled environment, ethnic and racial diversity, and the ability to gather the desired data without tipping their hand.

All participants received the intervention and were randomized to one of three monetary incentive groups tied to engagement (commenting in groups).

Assessments were completed at baseline, 3-, 6-, and 12-months follow-up.

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Over an hour-long session – involving a number of disparate tasks and interactions designed to mask the primary goals of the study – the volunteers conversed with a member of the research team who pretended to be a fellow volunteer “randomly assigned” to consume different products as study tasks.

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