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Using a Flame Clockwork as a modulator with occasional manual tweaks.

The Clockwork is also modulating the bass synth and I am improvising a "melody" on top.

Since all the expensive hardware will be on the core CVD module, the expander will be cheap.

The voltage levels are different, but sometimes that doesn't matter (like with a comparator module, it shouldn't make much of a difference.) This is one of the major benefits of the I/O structure of a modular video synth (in our case, with the Color Video Encoder and Video Sync Generator), that is, getting the video into a form in which you can mangle it where ever and however you want and it's still visible on the output.

However, within video terminology a comparator is also an essential part of a "keyer" circuit.

Hi there, This was made with the Dave Jones Mini Video Image Processor about an hour or so after I got it.

Set up a video feedback loop and used the MVIP to process a few parameters.

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I assume the post editing was mainly the panning across the images and the blurring transitions? Will this be a stand alone module or will it require the Video Sync Generator and Color Video Encoder?

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