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I see in this line: "down22.html|down10.html", which means that there is no real choice in file "down22.html" and that it goes to "down10.html".So this is also where goes the choice "Order and eat" in file "down19.html".The map is divided in several categories, because it's easier to know where you are, like that.To progress in the map, you have to take in consideration your "inf" points and your "lust" points (i think they are more obviously important at the beginning).Without underestimating the amount of work that goes into producing a virtual sex game, it shows that this is a first attempt. (i.e you are point of view to the action) You can select what actions you want to take, and sometimes this leads to good outcomes, and sometimes bad.

Click on the banner below to visit : In order to make a step by step walkthrough, i'm gonna use the map above to make a step by step walkthrough: First let's make of map of the map: (I write "naked picture": only if the amount is significative) *** (how can i exit a section or a list of sections ? If i make her naked indoors, she won't go outdoors and i won't be able to see the outdoors naked scenes. I want also to see the "game" scenes that are a little bit more that just naked pictures (even if it's more the text that makes them sexual).When there is only a single choice in a line, it is because it has an effect on a variable of the game. *** intro26.html|intro50.html" Explanation: One of the choice of file: "intro21.html". This dialog option goes to "intro26.html" where there is no real choice or something that has an effect on the stats.It is the effect of the dialog: "I like exploring different nightclubs. It goes then to "intro50.html", where there is or a stat change or a real choice.[ Read More ] Review : Art with Carla is a new offering from the guy who brought us ‘A Night with Sara.’ This is a much longer (some may say too long) erotic story about an 18-year-old boy and his encounter with a 24-year-old home schooling teacher named ‘Carla.’ You can actually set the options for names to anything …[ Read More ] Review : A Night with Sara is an offering from a new player in online virtual sex games calling themselves ‘Chapters in Love’. Basically the format puts you in the erotic story in the first person.

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