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My family decided to take a trip to visit some friends. The night they leave, I have to work the closing shift. Along the path, I start to hear some crying and a faint "help me". my frist christmas with my wife and i was nice and caren said i want your christmas wishes to come true tonight she was holding a missatoe above my head and we kissed but it was a passionite kiss realy romatic then we walk up to our bedroom and i smiled and said your... As you can read in my past ost, im older then my wife, we start our relation when she was 15, and i was 27, or 8.

We soon became tolive togheter, her family acept and they love me.

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threre wasn't much food in the kitchen;which ment that i had to walk to the store for groceries.after i purchased my groceries & was walking back home.

, come on in) #gangbang (So you think you can handle more than one do you?

When I get into the van I notice that there are plump, clean cushions covering the... We get to the bedroom and I start kissing on her neck. I have a rape fantasy tthat is totally tied into my SPH fetish. "I can't help but get a hard on looking at you" I reach don...

i had to use one ofthe grocery carts to oush my groceries home the way home i felt...

My fantasy is I'm home alone crossdressing in some sexy lingerie and a sexy prisoners costume when a sexy police officer grabs me from behind ramming her huge **** into my ads making me scream with every thrust she then forces me to suck it grabbing my head ramming her piece in...

i would be talking to caren in thearpy then she close the door and we be alone she say jamie i thought about you all week oh how i would ask her then caren would start kissing me and i would smile at her that the same way i thought about you for make out on her...

You are driving your car, you've just picked me up from the airport, it's night peak hour traffic and we are driving away from the city, away from everyone and i am looking forward to your company and feeling your body on mine for hours of endless, mindless passion.

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