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This culture has a great deal of beliefs that should be adhered to by all the individuals who are included.The population of this culture is thought to be around two million people.There is a perfect balance of bold lines and thin lines so that the tattoo looks very artistic and each piece looks different.These tattoos draw attention by their simplistic art that is a class apart.This tattoo has the appearance of being a neck piece with gems and designs that is irresistibly attractive.

The faces seem to be in peaceful repose with the symmetrical shapes around them forming halos. It has no specific theme but just a collection of different shapes in a long line. The curved shapes and the gray shading make it a something worth showing off.The circular design on the chest and the strong vertical design of the biceps highlight the strength of both the assets.A tattoo of this size would definitely give limelight to the massive bicep that is carrying it.These tattoos have strong lines and are meant for a splash without needing any other color except black and gray.As tattoo art goes, Polynesian tattoos are unusual because they do not follow the modern trend of putting in a lot of colors.

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