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Since then, I have been getting calls from sex maniacs and once, even a police constable called me, calling himself Prithviraj Chavan.

חזרנו מחנות הצילום עם 300 תמונות המתעדות ה- טיול בה- הידיעה של המשפחה. הילדים ואני החלטנו לעצב לנו אלבום מזכרת מטיול מקסים שישאיר טעם של עוד עד לטיול הבא. אולי הגיע הזמן לעצב אלבום דיגיטלי שיגרום לכם להתרגש ולחוות את חווית הטיול שוב…“I can only conclude that this was a deliberate act on the defendant’s part to make it more difficult for members of the public to identify him.” Outside of the courtroom, Nobody said he was grateful to Botham for “seeing the truth” and giving the officer jail time.“The system often works to the favour of police officers,” he said. It’s just great to know that something like this can happen and hopefully it restores a little bit of faith in the system for all of us.” Andalib-Goortani’s lawyer, Harry Black, told reporters outside of the courthouse of his client’s immediate intention to launch an appeal.Less than 10 minutes after Andalib-Goortani was sentenced in a Brampton court, his legal team secured bail for him in a Toronto courthouse on University Ave.Andalib-Goortani was found guilty in September of striking Adam Nobody multiple times with a baton during a protest at Queen’s Park on June 26, 2010.

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