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The gonadal steroid hormones, testosterone (T) and estradiol, are essential for these differences [4–6].There is a strong link between the sex steroids and gender differences not only in normal physiological functions, but also in the prevalence, symptoms, and associated features of many neurological diseases and mental illnesses [7–10].The BNST belongs to the limbic system and has reciprocal connections with the m POA, and these two brain regions are part of the neural circuitry that controls male sexual behavior in the adult animals [30].Sexually dimorphic expression of AR in the BNST and m POA has been implicated to mediate the actions of androgens in the developing brain in between the sexes.While males have higher AR protein expression than females on PN7 only, the developing mouse cortex/hippocampus showed a robust increase in AR m RNA and protein levels as function of age.

Based on the importance of T in brain sexual differentiation, we hypothesized that, during early development, AR expression in the mouse cortex/hippocampus might be sexually dimorphic and therefore responsible for the development and function of neural circuits governing distinct behaviors between the sexes.We have previously observed sex differences in histone modifications in the developing mouse cortex/hippocampus with more H3 acetylation on K9/14 (H3K9/14Ac) in males around E18 and PN0 and more H3 trimethylation on K9 (H3K9Me3) in males around PN0 and PN6 [31].Sex differences in H3K9/14Ac were observed to be regulated by T as a significant increase in H3K9/14Ac but not H3K9Me3 was found in prenatally T-treated female neonates.For example, the greater the T levels in the amniotic fluid during pregnancy, the higher the child’s score on tests of autistic traits [11].In addition autism is four times more likely to occur in boys than in girls [12].

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