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IF YOU HAVE the right attitude, working on a phone sex hotline isn’t the worst job in the world – according to someone who has done it.

We’ve slightly edited questions and answers for clarity. A: I read about the job in the Help Wanted ads in the local newspaper.

There was a group interview in a hotel conference room.

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After the audition call, a supervisor called us to tell us whether we’d passed and then, we could begin working. A: When I started, it was .00 an hour plus bonus. And you never knew you were monitored until after the fact. A: Well, the coy answer would be “whatever the client wanted me to be wearing.” The truthful answer would be a cotton nightgown or sleep shirt in the summer, sweats in the winter (my office was in the basement, and it got chilly down there).

Bonus was based on requests from people who specifically asked for you. to 5 a.m., which was timed for the kids being in bed. When the call was over, I’d call the office and let them know I was free again. Q: How much variety was there in the kinds of callers you received? I had guys who would call their girlfriends; I’d have women who may have been gay, or may have just been investigating aspects of their sexuality; I had guys who were into animals, bodily functions, married women who cheat on their husbands, whatever.

Those of us who were still interested at the end of the interview were given applications to fill out, and then we did audition calls. A: Calls were randomly monitored for training (we did training calls with a trainer who would give us advice on how to improve our performance) and to make sure we weren’t breaking rules.Hi Im Mikey, Irish Lad from Dublin up for some Gay Chat. Call 08 Call cost 13p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Using our call back service makes it free for female members.Just an ordinary bloke, here to chat, share stories, fantasies and who knows what else! My dislikes are scat, blood, extreme pain and underag...

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