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The sex lingerie market in India has also experienced a stable development over the last years.More and more boutiques specialising in sexy undergarments and lingerie are opening.Numerous females have had several sex-related associates before their wedding, and have not been culturally ostracised for it.More Indian females are beginning to become more oral about their sex-related wishes, and in places such as Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.Some appreciate this change while others see it as a threat.In some cases, men feel that women are becoming too demanding for their sexual yearnings.

With the rise in work places, MNC’s and shopping malls, women are receiving varied opportunities to work.

And they no longer think twice to research more if it increases their sexual satisfaction.

Indian women have started experimenting with the concept of sex toys.

A lot of Indian females still live under oppressive social components, where lust is seen as an indication of maleness among men, yet is an abhorrent feeling for a lady. Women have a right to lead their lifestyles the way they want to, with the person of their choice, and they do not have to get married first in order to do it.

Meher Bhasin, a well-known face in modelling says: “People are definitely more open now.

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