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Wow On my way to the bathroom she tells me to join her in the bed after.

While I am washing my friend a bit I hear a buzzing sound nearby through the closed door Coming into her room , she had an old electric shaver in between her leg using the vibration of this noisy shaver on her clit and I shortly heard the big moan of her orgasm. With her it was never enough which was very pleasant as she was very generous with me.

At her parents place , the house was 1 floor plus the basement , most of the time during the evening we would go down in the basement to watch TV ( sometime her younger sister would join us but not always) while her parents would stay on the 1rst floor living room.

At the beginning when her sister did not come down , she would put a blanket over her and ask me to masturbate her under the blanket while her parents were upstairs , I would just gently massage her clit until she quietly had her orgasms.

When leaving their house often late at night I would use the basement door.

One night shortly after I left their house , I noticed that I forgot my wallet on the coffee table downstairs so I drove back to her house going back through the basement door that was not locked to discover my girlfriend sister legs open masturbating.

She gave me a look that met to not stop as she was close from orgasm.She could stay there as long as it remained a secret and that she remained quiet.So I tried to be as discreet as I could masturbating my girlfriend under the blanket while her sister was sitting a few feet from us supposedly watching tv.I gave him my wife's or..."sister's" ID and told him to chat her up and see what she was doing online. I told him to set it up so that some weekend I would be home and he would get her to bate for him, I'd come in so I could see it.He did this, and as I came in the room and saw my wife played like she was shocked and wanted me to leave.

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