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Sure the average 18 year old can get hard when the wind blows, and likely jerk off a dozen times a day with no problem, but finding a mature man with great communication skills and the ability to perform at any given time is not the easiest thing in the world.

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Now that I see the different in this one cam portal's men being available based upon sexual orientation (real or acted) - I suppose we need to consider that as well, and that could bring up all kinds of other reasons to consider.

In order to get PMs (private messages) you may need to click the gear icon near top of chat window, uncheck “ignore private messages” then apply settings. Profiles integrated with the peeps section, owned screen names, avatars in the chat, audio, cam2cam options and more!

Our MV chat system works with mobile devices for text chat, and has options for free audio and video / cam chat.

Guys I hope you enjoy our chat rooms and tell some friends about us!

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After speaking with some of the people in the industry, I am not sure that is the case.

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