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What bait you use for your fishing jugs is also an important part of being successful.There are a few different kinds of bait I like to use depending on the time of year and what species of catfish I am going after.After the spawn is over there is another heavy feeding period, but once the water temperatures start to get into the 80 to 90 range they will move to deeper water and you will need to change from spring tactics to post-spawn summer tactics.

Fishing Jugs are typically set out as drifting sets.You can still pick up a few if you set your fishing jugs in the right spot.Catfish like to spawn in holes or recesses around the bank, using a good sonar you can troll the banks and find good spawning areas to place jug lines.You can of course adjust the height of your bait by raising or lowering where you tie on the hook but I recommend starting around 6 to 10 inches.I hope this has helped you to be a better Jug Fisherman.

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For Channel and Blue I like to use cut shad, liver and shrimp, for Flatheads live bluegill or super large minnows are good choices.

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