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Помните, что вам ни в коем случае не следует передавать кому-либо свою платежную информацию.Нет, отправка и получение денег в сообщениях может осуществляться только между друзьями и родственниками.I wouldn’t call our debt a secret, though, except when it comes to my parents. I started working when I was 12 and I pay for everything myself. I remember one year where I just acknowledged that the whole summer was going to be really shitty.For lunch, I would eat a piece of bread and some cheese or sardines.

Если мошенник попытается что-то написать вам, сообщите о нем.

I always remember I have credit card debt when I get gross credit card junk mail.

I get so much predatory bullshit: new credit card offers, people trying to buy our debt (never settle your debt), that kind of thing. Then I started dating someone who was really good with money and it changed my thinking. I was making around ,000 a year and living hand-to-mouth.

I would take change from my boyfriend’s change container. He was really pissed at me, but I was like, “I’m so broke! ” It was really hard, but I paid it off over the course of a year.

The more recent credit card debt is a different ball game altogether.

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