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Why eating 'superfoods’ can be bad for your health 'Superfoods’’ are not so super after all.Research commissioned by Bupa says that the tag, attached to a number of fresh ingredients including broccoli, blueberries, garlic and pomegranates, actually encourages unhealthy eating habits.Ideal for a retired single person that loves gardening. Tax a grandparent out of their roomy house and the grandchildren will suffer.

A survey by You Gov found that 21 per cent of people think that these anti-oxidant rich superfoods can even cure cancer. ''Superfood’’ is not a scientific label but a marketing term exploited by many farm produce associations.

One in four families and one in three single parents rely upon grandparents to help rear children, and a staggering 82 per cent of grandparents care for their grandchildren in some capacity.

In extreme cases grandparents are solely responsible for children whose parents cannot, due to illness or social problems, care for them.

Homeowner is an employed, honest, clean, responsible and active mature female and is seeking someone who is similar in nature. Please note, whilst the bungalow is seperate fromt the "main house", tennant is MORE than welcome to use ammenities provided inside.

Parking is onstreet - directly out the front of the property.

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