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In particular, the right of succession had never been clearly defined in the Roman Empire, leading to continuous civil wars as competing factions in the military, Senate, and other parties put forward their favoured candidate for emperor.Another issue was the sheer size of the Empire, which made it difficult for a single autocratic ruler to effectively manage multiple threats at the same time.Climate changes and a rise in sea levels ruined the agriculture of what is now the Low Countries forcing tribes to migrate; popular figures at the time blamed human activity.After the loss of Valerian in 260, the Roman Empire was beset by usurpers, who broke it up into three competing states.

After the death of Odaenathus in 267, the eastern provinces of Syria, Palestine and Aegyptus became independent as the Palmyrene Empire, leaving the remaining Italian-centered Roman Empire-proper in the middle.An invasion by a vast host of Goths was defeated at the Battle of Naissus in 268 or 269.This victory was significant as the turning point of the crisis, when a series of tough, energetic soldier-emperors took power.More than a century would pass before Rome again lost military ascendancy over its external enemies.However, dozens of formerly thriving cities, especially in the Western Empire, had been ruined, their populations dispersed and, with the breakdown of the economic system, could not be rebuilt.

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These continuing problems would be radically addressed by Diocletian, allowing the Empire to continue to survive in the West for over a century and in the East for over a millennium.

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